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Be the Boss

Welcome to Week 1!

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us and get on top of your money for good.

At Moneycare we know the stress and anxiety that money can cause all of us, no matter how much we have. But we also know that you can take control of your money - and we’re going to show you how.

Over the three weeks we’ll work through what’s important to you, what changes you need to make, and how to turn those good intentions into action. So whether you argue with your partner over paying bills, struggle to save for a rainy day, or you just feel controlled by money, this course will help you change your perspective and be the boss of your money!

Each day there’s a short video, then it’s over to you to complete an Action Plan - your chance to start working on what your money journey is going to look like.

Week one is about starting that important money conversation - unlocking the conversation you have with yourself and giving you real tips to have important conversations with others.

Let’s get started on Week 1 Overview video!


Week 1, Day 1: My money story

All this week we'll be looking at the conversations you have about money, and we begin with the most important conversation of all - the one you have with yourself!

Today we look back on your past life experiences to unlock your personal money story. If you want to take control of your future and gain peace with your money, you need an awareness of your 'money story' and how it drives your behaviour today.

Take three minutes to watch today’s video then complete the action plan to crack the code on your money story!


Download your action plan

Action Plan Week 1 - Day 1

1. My money story

Look back on your past life experiences to unlock your personal money story.

Watch now

2. Self talk: helpful or sabotaging?

Uncover the messages you tell yourself about money, and get simple tools to reframe any negative thoughts into positive ones that help.

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3. Money is taboo, but not today!

Learn a simple strategy for starting a money conversation with someone you trust, and work together towards a solution.

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4. Conversations with those closest

More practical tips on how to have constructive conversations about money with those closest to you.

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5. Connecting with others

The power of asking for help, and choosing to come at life with a growth mindset - you can change your future money story.

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6. The value of values

Learn why it’s important to line up your personal values - who you truly want to be - with your financial decisions.

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7. Success!

Step back from what the world around us has to say about what success looks like, and start writing your own story - we’ll show you how!

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8. Rest and relaxation

Tips and tools to help you slow down, relax and rest as part of your regular routine.

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9. Living a life of gratitude

When you choose to look at your life through the lens of gratitude, it’s remarkable to see what you already have in your hands.

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10. Giving is a gift

Recognise the gift of giving - how it fits into a healthy financial plan and what you have to give.

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11. Small change, big difference

Activate positive change with your money by taking small steps that move you towards the sort of person you want to be.

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12. Set and almost forget

How to put systems and processes into place that help you get on top of your money for good!

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13. Keeping it simple

Two factors that stop us making good financial decisions and one simple strategy for getting it right more often.

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14. Golden rules and red flags

Our top ten tips that we’ve found helpful when it comes to financial decisions.

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15. Finale: Well done!

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end! What else do you need to be the boss of your money? Let us know.

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