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image of students on beyond the classroom excursion

"On behalf of the Year 12 Stage One Religion and Life staff and students. I thank you for your wonderful session on homelessness in Western Australia. I found your presentation to be very engaging and informative. It allowed the boys to learn many things just putting themselves in another person's shoes for a brief hour. Congratulations on your style and the amount of preparation you go through to organize stickers, newspapers and your slides.We would not hesitate asking you to return next year and to also host a Beyond the Classroom excursion for our prospective student leaders and service ambasadors in Term Four".

- John Richards, Director of Christian Service-Learning - Aquinas College

At the end of every Beyond the Classroom session students are given a sheet with a few questions on what they thought about the experience.

Here is what a few had to say....

The highlights today were:

"Learning more about the homeless. To be totally honest with you when I walk past the homeless in the city I would usually kind of just shrug them off. Now theat i've seen this and heard about it all I won't do that and I'll take their problems into consideration & hopefully when I see someone on the streets I'll buy them a meal"

My expectations today were: 

"That this was going to be a waste of my time. Obviously I was wrong."

If I had to explain to my neighbour what they do at the facility I visited today, I would tell them: 

"These people are the kind of people we need more of. I really respect and value all of the people that help out with the homeless. Thank you!"

-Anonymous Student, Swan Christian College

The highlights today were: 

"The stories from real people, from both the speakers & in the documentary. It made the situation so much more real & harder for people to ignore. Also the passion the people had showed through how they addressed us and their enthusiasm made it enjoyable."

My expectations for today were: 

"Not good. I thought it was going to be draining & require alot of effort. Boring and like most guest speakers who tell us the same thing each time. (It was NONE of these things!!!)"

If I had to explain to my neighbour what they do at the facility I visited today, I would tell them: 

"They care for the people, and they are the kind of people we need in our society to bring everyone together & change the opinion of the homeless & eradicate the issue all together. Very good job!!"

- Codie Mirco, Student at Swan Christian College

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