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Asylum seekers

The Salvation Army operates migrant and refugee assistance programs in each state. These offer a range of different programs including financial and material aid, personal support and access to mainstream community networks.

It should be noted that these programs are under increasing pressure due to changes in income support and other assistance from the Commonwealth Government. Many women awaiting refugee status are presenting for accommodation in our women's refuges and shelters.

The acceptance of The Salvation Army's programs by migrants is evident through the growing number of migrants who maintain contact with The Salvation Army. In some cases they have established Salvation Army churches, worshipping in their language of origin. Their involvement in the life of The Salvation Army reinforces our internationalism.


The Salvation Army Asylum Seeker Support Services
Open 9:30am - 3:00pm Mon, Wed. and Fridays.
We support Asylum Seekers, Skilled Migrants and Overseas students in need. We offer food vouchers, salvo store vouchers, phone cards, Met cards, bedding, clothes and furniture, eye vouchers, depending on what is available.Visit is by appointment

colin.elkington@aus.salvationarmy.org or karen.elkington@aus.salvationarmy.org
16 Tinning Street

Phone: (03) 9384 8333
Fax: (03) 9383 4133


Migrant Employment & Training

Employment Plus:
Phone: 1800 733 826
Web site: www.employmentplus.com.au