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Looking after yourself in times of emergency

Salvo talks with disaster relief work after a flood.

It is important that you look after yourself – especially during times of emergency. Here are some things you can do to make sure you are doing okay.

Taking care of yourself

Don’t blame yourself if you see people upset

You might see some adults crying, or getting unusually angry. When people get hurt or lose their homes or friends, it is a very upsetting time. So if someone has spoken to you in an angry way, do not worry, it is not your fault and not their fault either.

Don’t blame anyone

Bad things happen to good people. We do not understand it when bad things happen, especially when good people get hurt. Your parent’s might be blaming themselves for what happened. You might be too. However, remember it is not your fault and not their fault either.


If anything is worrying you at all, talk to someone about it. You may have questions about what has happened, or what is going to happen. It will help if you talk to someone.

  • Tell them what you know.
  • Ask them questions about anything you do not understand.
  • Talk to them about what is worrying you or upsetting you.

Be Safe

Now the crisis is over, your caregivers are going to make sure you are safe. Do what they say. They want to keep you safe.

Have fun

When people are feeling hurt or upset, they sometimes think it is not the right time to have fun.

However, going out to a movie or playing a game will be good for you to do. You should have times when you can enjoy yourself.

Get help when you need it

Everyone needs help at some time. If you say yes to any of the following, then talk to someone about how you feel:

  • Do you feel anxious?                          
  • Do you feel afraid?                                     
  • Do you feel panicky?                                
  • Do you feel so angry you don’t know what to do?                                               
  • Are you waking up in the night feeling really scared or worried?                               
  • Are you having nightmares?                   
  • Has you appetite changed?                      
  • Do you sometimes get images in your mind of the thing that happened?                
  • Are you having headaches,stomachaches, or indigestion?          

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