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SalvoCare Northern Victoria Youth Programs


SalvoCare Northern Victoria delivers a number of programs and services within Greater Shepparton and Hume Region.  This includes:

  • Supported Crisis Accommodation (Youth Refuge)
  • Case Management Support (for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness)
  • Creating Connections - Case Management with a focus on Links to Education, Private Rental and Housing Support
  • Youth Justice Group Conferencing
  • Youth Justice Community Support Service


Referrals may be made during business hours by contacting SalvoCare on (03) 5823 9500

Urgent referrals for the Youth Refuge can be made at any time on (03) 5823 9500


SalvoCare Youth Programs, PO Box 7352, Shepparton, Vic, 3632   SalvoCare Northern Vic Logo

Youth Refuge (previously known as Brayton)

The SalvoCare Youth Refuge is located 10 minutes from Shepparton on a 5 Hectare property that provides a powerfully therapeutic environment for residents.  The program features a team of qualified youth workers who provide 24 hour residential support, a separate team of case managers who provide support around sustainable housing goals and an on-site therapist (psychologist).

Case Management Support (Youth Homelessness)

All young people have a right to live in safe, secure and sustainable housing.  Youth Workers at SalvoCare work with young people to support them in achieving their housing goals.  The program further supports young people in addressing issues that may have contributed to their situation, including family reconciliation, referral to specialist services and support to access external supports.  Whether a young person is couch surfing, sharing with friends, or living in temporary accommodation, if it’s not safe, secure and sustainable then they may be referred into this program.

Creating Connections Program

Generally, for a young person to be eligible for the CC program they must be between the ages of 15 and 24 and demonstrate the need for long term support which cannot be provided though other homelessness support programs.   The Creating Connections program supports young people utilising a case management approach with a number of key areas of focus including

  • Housing and homelessness support
  • Links to education and training
  • Linking young people to the private rental market

Youth Justice Group Conferencing

Youth Justice Group Conferencing provides a legislated rehabilitation intervention to the Children’s Court at the pre-sentence stage. Based on restorative justice principles group conferencing is a problem-solving approach to offending. It aims to balance the needs of young people, victims and the community by encouraging dialogue between young people who have offended, their victims and others affected. 

The Victorian group conference program aims to:

  • Raise the young person’s understanding of the impact of their offending on the victim, their family and/or significant others and the community
  • Reduce the frequency and seriousness of re-offending by the young person completing the program
  • Improve the young person’s connection to family/significant others and their integration into the community
  • Negotiate an outcome plan that sets out what the young person will do to make amends for their offending
  • Increase victim satisfaction with the criminal justice process
  • Divert the young person from a more intensive sentence.

Referrals for Group Conferencing occur via the court system

Youth Justice Community Support Service

The Youth Justice Community Support Service (YJCSS) is an integrated approach to the provision of intensive support and services to Youth Justice clients to complement the statutory case management undertaken by Youth Justice units. The service has been developed recognising that Youth Justice clients present with a range of complex and varied needs that require an individualised service response.

The YJCSS aims to achieve the following:

  • Reduce the severity, frequency and rates of re-offending; and minimise progression into the criminal justice system
  • Better service clients in their local community and facilitate their transition from the Youth Justice service system to their local community service system
  • Better prepare clients for adulthood by developing their independence, resilience and pro-social connectedness to family and community
  • Better develop a Youth Justice clients’ capacity for meaningful educational and economic participation
  • Through new funding and partnership arrangements between community service organisations, the YJCSS provides a broad range of services to better meet the needs and deliver outcomes for Youth Justice clients at a local level.

Referrals into the Youth Justice Community Support Service occur via the Department of Justice and Regulation Victoria