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Fundraise for Us

Giving is a feel-good thing. By fundraising for us you can spread that feeling around.


Get creative

Even if you’re not able to donate money, there are any number of ways you can help us raise the funds we need to deliver our programs. The best part is, you can use your imagination and choose how you’d like to contribute. Here are some ideas:

Get ActiveDIY EventCelebrate

● Host your own concert, film festival, garage sale, car wash or cake stall.

● Run a marathon, climb a mountain, or ride a bike and nominate The Salvation Army as your charity of choice.

● Instead of presents for your birthday, wedding or anniversary, ask your friends and family to make a donation or sponsor a child to give a gift that makes a lasting difference for others.

● Get sponsored to do something challenging and out of your comfort zone… the choices are endless.

● If you’ve ever wanted to walk the Kokoda Trail, find out more about how you can raise funds for Australians in crisis via our 2017 Intrepid Kokoda Trek.


However you choose to help, by making use of your social networks you’re spreading a message of positivity and hope – inspiring your friends to rise to challenges of their own.

If your workplace or business is keen to help, find out more about Corporate Support