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Lead Tenant Program

The Lead Tenant program seeks to create an environment where adolescents can transition into independent living. Two adolescents are paired with two adults in the community (Lead Tenants) and they share a house together. 


Established in 2010, the Lead Tenant program operates in Taylors Lakes, Altona Meadows and Kurunjang.

The program strives to foster a living environment that allows Lead Tenants to:

  • Exhibit positive role modelling
  • Engage a young person’s social and recreational skills
  • Establish positive and meaningful relationships
  • Encourage and demonstrate engagement in education, employment, self care, communication & positive behaviour

Lead Tenant is established with the view to help facilitate young people to become responsible members in the their community. They are expected to:

  • Be involved in a day program (work/ school)
  • Participate in household chores like cooking and cleaning

Young people are assigned to a Case Manager at Westcare while living with their Lead Tenants. When ready to live independently, they are then connected with a Youth Housing Support Worker to assist in finding accommodation.

Lead Tenant is a vital part of Westcare’s services, having successfully assisted young people’s transition into independence for the last 4 years.


To apply for Lead Tenant, click here!


For more information on the Lead Tenant program, please view the Lead Tenant Information Booklet

'I feel so happy that I have somewhere safe and happy to live, with guys who care about me'.

- Chris* (aged 17)

Lead Tenant Information Booklet