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Martin's Story: team effort

The Positive Lifestyle Centre first met Martin when he walked into the Centre desperately seeking assistance. His life was in a mess, he was separated from his family, had no work, no home and no friends. Fortunately, due to a cancellation he was able to see a counsellor immediately.

The first hour was vital. He was listened to, he was able to tell his part of his journey and he had time out to calm down. The next week he contacted the Centre twice, so badly hurting that an ambulance was called. The telephone link was maintained by a counsellor who reassured him while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Following this incident, regular weekly sessions were arranged for him.

Two key incidents helped in the breakthrough with Martin.

Firstly, he was given a birthday card signed by the staff and a cake in recognition of his 40th birthday, and secondly the Centre found new accommodation for him. These were significant acts of caring for Martin, who had spent his birthday alone. For a week the Centre provided food parcels to help Martin until his next cheque arrived. Changes were noticed. Martin arrived with his hair cut, showered and wearing new clothes. He demonstrated a desire to put old wrongs right and letters of apology were written. New challenges were met, for example his personal issues were confronted by a counsellor.

An invitation to meet new people at Rowville Salvation Army was given and accepted. He was given a New Testament and he began to read and discuss passages. Three months on and a new Martin appeared, a confident man in a brand new suit, willing to find regular employment, eager to continue to face his new challenges and assured of friendship. He was keen to do something for the staff to thank them. Martin no longer visits us as he has gone overseas, but he still keeps in touch by text message. Last heard of, he was doing well and continues to thank us for his new peace of mind.

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