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What is The Couch Project?

The Couch Project is The Salvation Army’s response to youth homelessness. There are more than 44,000 young people under the age of 25 who are experiencing homelessness1 and we want to do more to help them. But we need your support. That’s why we’re asking you to spend a night on your couch and raise money for The Couch Project.

The funds raised will help provide young people experiencing homelessness with food, blankets, crisis accommodation, counselling, education, job training and support to help them get out of danger and back on their feet.

When is The Couch Project?

You can host your event and collect donations anytime between July and October.

How do I get involved?

First, set up your personalised fundraising page then plan and promote your sleepover! Will you sleep at home with a mate or at school with everyone? You can sign up your school here.

Next check out all our fundraising tips and tools.

Finally, set some fundraising goals and start asking for donations. People can donate online to your webpage or with cash in person (make sure you download your cash collection form!). All donations over $2 are tax-deductible. Check out our handy guide to raising $300 in one week for fundraising inspiration.

Why make it about a couch?

Of the 44,000-plus young Aussies experiencing homelessness, 3% are sleeping “rough” (on the street, in tents or improvised dwellings), while 97% are less noticeable to the public -- or “hidden”.1 For many, this includes temporarily staying with other households, or “couch surfing”. When home isn’t safe, young people turn to friends, relatives or even complete strangers for refuge where they sleep on the floor, spare mattresses or couches. If a young person’s homelessness is unrecognised and they don’t get help, they can very quickly run out of couches to sleep on; their only option then is to sleep rough.

Why a sleepover?

The young people turning to The Salvation Army for help are homeless because home isn’t safe. They might spend the night on a friend’s couch, but it’s not a sleepover if they can’t go home. We’re asking you to have a sleepover on your couch so you can understand what it means to not have the security of your own bed.

To find out more about The Salvation Army's work with youth watch the OASIS documentary

Download "Youth Homelessness: The Facts"

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The Salvation Army is a child safe organisation that is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of children and young people, and protecting them from harm.

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