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How we can help when finances are tight

Financial hardship, money problems or an unexpected crisis can happen to anyone. The Salvation Army has a range of services available across the country to help you. Whether you need emergency food relief, help paying a household bill, advice to reduce your debts or tips for managing your budget, we are here for you.

Learn more below about our Doorways service, which offers urgent financial assistance, and Moneycare, our financial counselling service.

Which Salvation Army service can help you with your financial situation?

It can be challenging to find the right service for your money troubles when you are facing stress or a crisis. Do you need help from our free financial counselling program or emergency assistance for life’s essentials? Take our short quiz to see which service we recommend you contact first. Should you find yourself needing additional support, our Salvation Army staff will be able to point you in the right direction, but it’s helpful to address your immediate needs first.

Contact Doorways services for emergency financial situations

If you experience these emergencies:

  • Unable to buy food, other groceries or essential medication
  • Having trouble paying household bills
  • Finding you have nothing left for other expenses after paying your rent
  • Unable to buy any Christmas gifts for your children
  • Having trouble with back-to-school costs

Contact Doorways today

Get support and advice from Moneycare financial counsellors

If you are:

  • Having difficulty paying bills, rent or mortgage
  • Experiencing long-term financial difficulty
  • Struggling to pay off loans, debts or fines
  • Being chased for money you owe
  • Facing legal action for debts
  • Facing or considering bankruptcy
  • Unsure how to create a budget for your needs
  • Needing help to take control of your money
  • Finding it tough to make ends meet

Contact Moneycare today


Learn more about The Salvation Army’s financial support services

What is Doorways?

Doorways is the name for The Salvation Army’s emergency relief and casework program. Your local Salvos financial assistance team may not call themselves ‘Doorways’, but you can rest assured it operates under the below model of care.

Through Doorways, The Salvation Army helps individuals and families facing short-term crises and needing emergency financial help or material aid. This may include bags of food, vouchers for groceries or help paying household bills.

We can also offer support to people just needing a helping hand to get by, for instance through the Christmas or back-to-school period.

When people come to The Salvation Army, we want to offer more than just essentials. The Doorways philosophy involves holistic case management and referral to internal and external support agencies, as required. We believe no situation is too hard to overcome. Our Doorways team will walk alongside you and empower you to take action to achieve your goals.

What to expect when you contact Doorways

When you contact Doorways, whether it is face to face or over the phone, our team member will start by seeking to understand the situation that has led you to contacting us.

They will ask you questions in order to gain a holistic perspective of your circumstances and we will also provide you with a listening ear. We will aim to provide the assistance that you may need and, if we can’t, we will provide a referral to an appropriate service. Each state may have its different approaches, but we are all passionate about providing holistic, compassionate and helpful support to you.

What is Moneycare?

The Salvation Army’s Moneycare service offers financial counselling, financial coaching, access to the No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS) and other financial skill-building resources.

Our team of qualified financial counsellors are available to help people who are having difficulties making ends meet, struggling to manage debt, need professional advice about budgeting, or simply overwhelmed with their financial situation.

Financial crises such as job losses, illnesses, natural disasters or spiralling debts can happen to anyone. If this is you, you are not alone. Moneycare supports people from all walks of life across Australia who have found themselves in unexpected crisis. The Salvation Army’s financial counselling team wants people to experience hope and lasting freedom from their money problems.

Moneycare financial counselling does not provide emergency cash loans, vouchers or emergency relief but can refer you to our Doorways service (see above), if required.

Our financial counsellors work with people every day facing immediate and overwhelming money troubles. Our financial counsellors can also work with people before crisis hits to help you review your financial plan and manage your money more confidently.

What to expect when you contact Moneycare

When you reach out to Moneycare via phone, email or our website chat, our friendly team will guide you through the process and ensure you are speaking to the right person. An appointment will be made, and an email will confirm what you need to bring to your appointment.

If you’re having a financial counselling appointment, the financial counsellor will ask you about your financial situation and offer practical solutions. Together, you’ll develop your goals and decide what action to take.

Our financial counsellor will work alongside you to achieve your goals. They may contact creditors (the people you owe money to) on your behalf or help you to effectively do so.

Once you achieve your goals and feel in control of your finances, our financial counsellor will continue to keep in touch, if needed, to make sure you’re still going OK. We will continue to support you to achieve financial resilience, to help you leave your money problems behind for good.

Contact Moneycare today on 1800 722 363.

A reminder to have the conversations you need to have about money

During Anti-Poverty Week (17-23 October), The Salvation Army is encouraging people to take preventative action with their money problems to avoid finding themselves in poverty. Learn more about the steps you can take for yourself or others and read inspirational stories about people who have overcome their financial hardship thanks to the Salvos.
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