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Dianne and Joel's Story

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Dianne and Joel's Story | End Homelessness Now

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When her marriage broke down, Dianne’s life fell apart. But she still had to care for her 10 year old son.


A few years ago, Dianne had a husband she loved dearly, a beautiful young boy, a good job working accounts, and a nice home.

Then she found out her husband was having an affair with another woman – who was also pregnant with his baby. He left Dianne and Joel and their life spiralled out of control.

Dianne had suffered from bi-polar depression since her twenties. Now it came on with a vengeance. She had a nervous breakdown and was unable to hold down a job.

Her husband insisted on them selling their heavily mortgaged house and Dianne was left with hardly anything after the sale.

Joel built himself a lawnmower business to help out when he was 14. He welded a trailer together to tow behind his pushbike, loaded up his mower and went off to do people’s lawns.

But it wasn’t enough. They fell behind in their rent and were evicted from their home.

With nowhere else to go, they began couch surfing and even living in a caravan in the backyard of a friends’ property. That led Dianne to the Salvos. She quickly formed a friendship with her case worker Jackie and she gradually started to get back on her feet. 

Issue: Financial Stress

Financial difficulty can be overwhelming and we have a range of services to help people through it.  veryone’s situation is different, and circumstances can change overnight. An unexpected bill, a sudden job loss, illness or payment cut – any number of factors can affect the ability to make ends meet.

Last year we assisted more than 75,000 people through emergency relief and material aid and 7,000 through financial counselling.

Read more about Financial Stress.

Centre: Homelessness Support Services

Each week The Salvation Army assists more than 2,000 people with accommodation. Our transitional support program provides case management to individuals and families and young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

It helps them obtain access to appropriate, long term accommodation. It also includes liaison, support and advocacy to other services and provides information referral and advocacy to other services including family violence, drug & alcohol services, legal organisations, financial services, employment and training providers, counsellors, and general housing information.