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Financial stress

Financial difficulty can be overwhelming and we have a range of services to help people through it.

Everyone’s situation is different, and circumstances can change overnight. An unexpected bill, a sudden job loss, illness or payment cut – any number of factors can affect the ability to make ends meet.

Last year we assisted more than 75,000 people through emergency relief and material aid and 7,000 through financial counselling.

Financial difficulties and housing affordability are the main reasons people access our homelessness programs.

We have a range of immediate and long term options for people struggling with financial problems. Our community support services provide material assistance for people going without even the basics in life. Some of our centres also have financial counsellors on site to offer advocacy and assistance.  We also offer a No-Interest Loans Scheme (NILS) to provide access to necessities and essential personal items such as bedding, appliances and medical treatments. 

Financial Stress | The Salvation Army