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Full Day Workshops

The Beyond the Classroom Full Day workshop is an immersive educational experience that takes students on a journey that explores some of the drivers of homelessness, addiction and urban poverty in Australia, plus a real insight into the work that The Salvation Army is doing.


With videos, activities and guest speakers, this workshop puts real human face to these issues and will leave a lasting impact on the students who attend.

"The workshop was one that I will be bringing more boys to in the future. It had a great blend of theory, practice and real life encounters and it challenged my students to remember that with privelage comes responsibility. Well done!." - The Rev. Dougall Ethell, Chaplain, Hale School.

"Today has made me read newspapers in a very different way." - Krisen, Year 11 Student

"It completely changed how I thought of why people were homeless and it brings me to ask "How can I change this?"" - Matthew, Year 7 Student

The Beyond the Classroom Full Day workshop can be held on-site at your school or at one of our Salvation Army buildings and is free of charge, but we would ask you to consider involvement in our annual Red Shield, Winter & Christmas Appeals to help us deliver our services to those most in need. Please contact me for more information or to make a booking.


BTC Workshops