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Is Start the Program for you?

START is a new beginning for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to be part of an inclusive support community dedicated to all participants recovery from addictive behaviours. 

When can I begin the program?

You can begin the START Program anytime, as there are no set timeframes for when one program starts and another finishes. Contact us to make an initial appointment.  

What are the days and times?

The START program is a day time program and runs between 10am—3pm Monday to Friday.

Does the program cost?

The cost is negotiated based upon your current circumstances, but our aim is to get you started and on the road to recovery ASAP.

How long does the program run?

The Start Program is based on a 6 week program cycle, but there is no limit to the length of stay.

What about family members?

We understand that family members may need help too during this program, we offer an opportunity for family counselling upon request. 

Do I have to be off drugs or alcohol for a period of time to attend?

No, but we ask that you not use before you arrive or during the programs hours of operation.

What is the Harm Minimisation approach to AOD

Harm minimisation aims to achieve the best possible AOD use control outcomes suitable to the capacity and circumstances of the affected individual. Problematic AOD use is a chronic relapsing condition that makes ceasing the use of the substance very difficult for some people. Harm minimisation includes supporting abstinence as a valid choice of treatment. However, it does not insist on abstinence as the goal of treatment. Harm minimisation aims to reduce the adverse health, social and economic consequences of problematic use of AOD to the individual, the family and the wider community.

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