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Salvos Catering


We cater for all occasions and can design and negotiate a menu to fit your budget.

Please call or email Mera: 


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Any choice of 2 platters $18.00 per person
Platter Plus Dessert $20.00

Meat finger food platter

Persian Sausage Bhandari 
Persian Shame kebab 
Chicken Skewers 
Served with cucumber and yogurt dip and BBQ Sauce 

Vegetarian platter 

Vegetable Spring Rolls (V) 
Vegetable samosa (V)
 Vegetable puffs (V) 
All served with Sweet Chilli Sauce (V) 

Indian platter 

Potato and Pea Curry Puffs (v) 
Mixed Pakoras (v) 
Meat samosa 
All Served with Minted Yoghurt  

Mixed platter vegetarian Canapés 

Vegetable samosa (V) 
Vegetable spring roll (V) 
Vegetable Puffs (V)  

Mixed platter Meat Canapés  

Meat puffs 
Seafood fritters 
Chicken fritters  

Mixed seasonal fruit platter 

Variety of fruits 

Cucumbers and yogurt 
Beetroot and yogurt 
Smoking eggplant and yogurt 
Spinach and yogurt 


Kookoo sabzi (Persian herb quiche) 

Party Platter 

Sausage Rolls 
Party Pies 
Party Pasties 
Served with Tomato Sauce 

Mixed sandwich platter 

Vegetarian Options 

Mixed bread platter 

Turkish bread (V) 
Indian roti bread (V) 
Naan bread (V) 
All served with dips/yogurt (V) 


Pita wraps  
Gluten free wraps 
Tortilla wraps 
Round rolls 
Traditional triangle sandwiches 
Persian Kolbaaz sandwiches  


  • Egg 
  • Salad vegetarian 
  • Roasted veg  
  • Tuna 
  • Chicken  
  • Chicken fingers 
  • Tandoori chicken 
  • Chicken Schlitz  
  • Turkey  
  • Ham  
  • Beef  
  • Salami  

Choice of Mayonnaise and salads (options available) 

Sit Down Lunch & Dinner

Choice of main $ 18.00 per/Person
Choice of main and dessert $ 20.00 per/person
Choice of soup or entrée, 2 mains and dessert $30.00 per/person


Thai fried Rice (V) 
Fried rice mixed with vegetable and egg 
Spicy fried rice 
Satay stir fry chicken 
Thai coconut curry and rice with salad 


Zarashe polo (rice lentils and chicken) 
Ghorme sabzi with rice and salad 
Adas Polo 
Kashk Bademjan (eggplant) (v) 
Tomota rice (v) 
Green bean with rice (v) 
Shanks and rice  


Butter chicken and rice with salad 
Hyderabad chicken biryani (boneless) 
Prawn biryani—rice with prawns Vegetable Pilaf (V) 
Lemon rice (V) 


Pasta salad with vegetables (V) 
Pasta salad 
Chicken and potato salad  
Macaroni salad
Green salad (V) 
Salad Olvieh Pepper, corn, capsicum, olives and cream cheese (V) 


Pasta salad with vegetables 
Herb Roast chicken and vegetables 
Italian herb Roasted chicken 
Oven baked barbecues 
Traditional roast lamb 
Variety of roast vegetables  

Fusion (Mixed Combos) 

Vegetable noodles 
Chicken noodles 
Mincemeat noodles 
Rice dishes    


Persian noodle soup 
Lentil soups Beans soup 
Split peas soup 
More Varieties available  

Cakes & Sweets 

Fruit cake 
Banana cake, vanilla cake, carrot cake 
Chocolate cake 
Variety of cupcakes 
Baklava Sholeh Zard (Persian rice pudding) 
Cheese cake  
Persian Saffron cake 
Apple and Cinnamon cake 
Fruit tarts 
Halva (sweet made of semolina and nuts) 
Traditional lamingtons 
Jelly cake 
Gluten free options available 


Choice of 3 items $15 per person

Variety of cereals 
Fruit toast
Eggs on toast 
Bacon and egg muffins 
English muffins 
Fruit salads using fresh seasonal fruit 

Cold Breakfast 

Chia Pudding with almond milk, maple and blueberries 
Granola with natural Yogurt- Seasonal Fruit 
Persian spinach and eggs

The Salvation Army Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet and work and pay our respect to Elders past, present and future.

We value and include people of all cultures, languages, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and intersex status. We are committed to providing programs that are fully inclusive. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of people of all ages, particularly children.

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The Salvation Army is an international movement. Our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name with love and without discrimination.

13 SALVOS (13 72 58)

Gifts of $2 or more to the social work of The Salvation Army in Australia are tax deductible.Details and ABNs

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