Program Principles
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Program Principles

Adult Services PrinciplesOur programs’ planning and service delivery embraces the following principles:




  • A commitment to creating accessible support and housing options for those most disadvantaged in our community
  • A commitment to offering programs that are relevant, responsive and capable of meeting services users’ varying needs and challenges
  • A commitment to reviewing and assessing needs as they arise and to seeking responses to them
  • The development of integrated services capable of providing an accessible continuum of support and accommodation
  • A commitment to longitudinal support; offering assistance and responding to individuals for as long and as many times as they require it
  • A commitment to fostering the full potential of marginalised people by concentrating on building a sense of belonging to community
  • A commitment to the building of effective relationships with the individual as a crucial characteristic in the bringing of services to homeless people
  • Measuring success in terms of an increase in the quality of life of the individual service user.
Adult Services

Our values


We are committed to providing accessible housing and support for those most in need, for as long as they need.

Adult Services