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What to bring to the Centre

What to bring to the Centre…

Bag or Backpack

For independence, we work towards all children being able to recognise and open their own bag.

Let them be involved in selecting the bag and taking ownership of it. Please ensure it is large enough to hold all their belongings.


Sheets for Rest Time

Each day we encourage the children to rest.  For some this means actually sleeping and for others, it may mean they rest on their bed and read a book.  Either way, it is important that your child is comfortable.  At the end of the week you can take the sheets home for a wash and bring them back in when you return ready for a new week. 


Water Bottle

Sounds strange to have a whole paragraph dedicated to the importance of brining a water bottle for your child, but it is very important.  Please don't forget to label the water bottle so that it can be found easily.  It is also helpful to have your child's favourite character on the front so that they easily know it is theirs. 

Our Centre provides a ALL FOOD for your child during the day.  We currently use Kids Gourmet Food who are professional caterers for child care centres.