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Domestic violence

Family and domestic violence is a serious social issue in Australia.

The Salvation Army is dedicated to providing support to survivors of violence and their children through a variety of emergency responses such as refuge accommodation, and long-term support.

The majority of victims of family and domestic violence are women however, men can also be victims of violence at home. Domestic violence is the single largest cause of women and children becoming homeless. The Salvation Army directs resources to ensure that women and children have the support they need to leave a violent home environment.

Nationally, the salvos help more than 2,000 women escaping domestic violence, as well as additional numbers of women and children at risk, through specific women's programs and family/domestic violence services each year.

In recent years our work has focused on providing refuge shelter for women escaping domestic violence. 

Refuges operated by The Salvation Army are open to all women escaping domestic violence who are in need of safe accommodation and personal support.

Our women's refuges generally are prepared to take women with additional difficulties such as those with a psychiatric disability or with drug and alcohol related problems.

Over recent years an increasing number of women awaiting refugee status are seeking accommodation in these shelters as they have no income and lack access to accommodation within the community.

In common with a number of other women's refuges, The Salvation Army provides child care facilities within these services to ensure that both children and their mothers are able to be adequately assisted.

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Where to go for help:

National Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Helpline (24 hours):
1800 737 732
  or 1800 Respect

131 114

Kids Helpline:
1800 551 800

Child Abuse Report Line:
13 14 78