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How much do you know about problem gambling?

The stats on problem gambling

Have you ever watched your beloved team play footy and felt smothered by the promotion of gambling?

Gambling is on the ads between quarters.  On the fence around the ground. Mentioned regularly by the commentators referring to ‘live odds’ and ‘quick picks’.

The game and gambling are becoming one and the same.

At The Salvation Army, we know there are no ‘winners’ from uncontrolled gambling … except for those who collect the losses.  Meanwhile, we have to pick up the pieces after gambling has destroyed people and their families.

It’s not popular to be angry about what gambling can do to people. People may point to an event like the Spring Racing Carnival and say it’s just a bit of fun.

Clearly they have never sat down with the teenage boy who has to go to school in smelly old gym gear because a parent’s gambling problem meant they couldn’t afford to buy a school uniform.

They’ve never talked to a heart-broken young mother like Lucy, who was convinced her plumber husband was having an affair.


There were the phone calls he’d taken in the hallway.

The nights he’d come home late – from ‘work’.

The times when suddenly and strangely, there was not enough money to pay the medical expenses for their little boy’s check-up. The times he was lost in thought and far away. The mood swings. The anger for what seemed like no reason at all. More anger than he’d ever shown before. Right up to the point of a raised fist to go with the raised voice.

A mistress named gambling.

This is who problem gambling hurts.

When we talk about people with gambling problems, we speak with love and compassion - not judgement.

Look beyond the damage a person addicted to gambling causes and see the lonely, hurting person beneath it.

Let’s work together for a better world that protects families from problem gambling … so the only thing we need to get upset about when we watch our football teams play, is when they lose.