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Worried daughter


Worried daughter


When Amanda’s dad lost his job, things fell apart at home. There wasn’t even money for shoes when Amanda started school. Mum Alison tried to hold things together, but at night Amanda could hear her crying. No wonder ‘Teddy’ needed cuddles…

Anxious Father


Anxious father


Michael hasn’t seen his little girl for 3 months … 1 week … and 2 days. He can’t remember how the fight started with her mum. But it ended out here.

A carpark his new home.

And a heart that just won’t stop hurting …

Lonely grandmother


Lonely grandmother


When Emma’s husband passed away, she tried to be strong. But loneliness can break your spirit. 

Memories were all she had.

Then one day her glasses broke, and she just couldn’t be strong any longer…

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