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The Year in Images

2016 has been a year of Progress,Patience and Persistence. Our reputation with stakeholders showed promising improvement.  The number of properties under management,or committed to manage for Government, has grown by 5%.  The changed dynamic nature of business requireongoing sensitive support by HR to empower embracement thereof.  November 2016 Strategic Planning Workshop provided a productive environment for new ideas and business objectives.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA received approval for a $35m proposal redevelopment of Subiaco site with partner ABN.  TSA and SAH WA have submitted a joint proposal for an Assisted Rental Pathway Pilot with 70 dwellings on offer.


Seamless transfer of 62 public housing tenanted properties in Bedford Street, Hobart from Housing Tasmania to SAH commenced.  Management of 40 uneconomic Housing Tasmania broad acre properties transferred back to Housing Tasmania. Began initial redevelopment investigation for 223 Macquarie Street, Hobart.   A successful tender for title to 30 public housing properties, in exchange for development and delivery of 9 units by June 2019.


Mills Street, Clarence Park redevelopment opportunity identified and begun.  Growth opportunity for dwelling management at Port Augusta reviewed.


QIP Accreditation attained with flying colours.  Victoria has the first build in Torquay ready to go, waiting on title transfer.  Property Management of 32 sites for Crossroads.  SAHV moved on to the General Lease. Data for all Victorian properties successfully transferred to Chintaro. Title transfers underway for 34 properties with estimated combined value of $18m.  Offices moves for Central and West. New cultures and great positivity to be cultivated at the new premises.  State Manager commenced Master of Property at RMIT July 2016.  Major work completed to secure first tender for rapid rehousing of homelessness.  Successful intro for new child safety standards for Victoria.  New position established during internal recruitment for Property Development Officer.  First internal SAHV financial year completed resulting in a $540k surplus for 2015-16 in support of dynamic future growth strategies.