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Salvos’ School Tours is a program which engages with secondary students to raise their awareness  of  homelessness  in Australia  and  the  work of The Salvation Army. 5,160  students have attended in 2015 and since its inception in 2013, we  have engaged with a total of 13,800 students.     

Youth Homelessness City Tour

Provides an introduction to The Salvation Army before focusing on homelessness and in particular youth homelessness. Includes a 40 minute walking tour of city, visiting locations where people have slept rough.

Level: Secondary      
Location:  City
: 25 students     
:   2 hours

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Poverty & Disadvantage

Provides an overview of poverty in Australia, including the statistics, causes and impact on people and how they are disadvantaged.   We also discuss how The Salvation Army supports people in this situation and how your students can make a difference.  

Level: Secondary       
Location:  In School
Attendees:  25 students
Duration:  45 minutes

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Community and Caring

Provides an introduction to the values of The Salvation Army. Discussion and activities around caring for others and the concept of community. Includes a focus on the work of The Salvation Army and the ways students can care for others in their community

Location:  In School
Attendees: 25 students    
Duration:  45 minutes  

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