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Policies & Principles

In providing a ministry to persons involved within and affected by an emergency/disaster, we recognise that there is not only an appreciation for the refreshments and material provisions, but often a need for a listening ear. We aim to cultivate a climate of care and trust.

Master Plan

  • To provide a worthwhile participation with our role in the State Disaster Plan.  
  • To be able to provide refreshments as soon as possible after the announcement of an emergency, with equipment that enables a worthy response. In most situations this is done with very well equipped trailers.  
  • To have back up crews to relieve.  
  • To permit the response stage to enter into the recovery stage.  
  • To provide necessary goods (clothing, household goods etc).


  • To work under leadership of state/regional director.
  • To provide reports to director with regard to deployment and return.
  • To make sure that equipment is kept in preparation for an emergency.
  • To build good team work.


A comprehensive educational program will explain:

the system and its functions

  • how the system is activated
  • how equipment is used
  • safety measures
  • critical incident stress management

Ground rules

  • To keep equipment in good working order.
  • No one should enter emergency area without notification to director.
  • No one should enter emergency area without permission of authorities.
  • To provide need of the moment (refreshments, support) in a safe area.
  • To make a report at end of exercise.
  • To provide follow up support of those involved.

Setting up teams

  • Any corps or centre can have a team available to man a trailer or caravan.
  • All volunteers must complete registration form.
  • All team members must be trained.
  • All team members must know the rules.