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The Salvation Army Victoria State Budget Submission 2016 - 2017

Levelling the Playing Field: 2016-17 State Budget Submission

Every year the State Budget gives the Victorian Government an opportunity to envision the kind of society we might want to live in and lead us towards that reality.  The Salvation Army’s 2016-17 Victorian State Budget submission is based upon a series of consultations with services across Victoria held towards the end of last year.  These consultations highlighted three groups of people that represent some of our state’s most vulnerable citizens:

  • Young people leaving state care;
  • People exiting prison; and
  • Highly marginalised people with complex needs.

The submission explores the specific needs and challenges facing each group, as well as pointing the way to achievable, practical solutions.  Whilst these solutions come at a cost, in each case the investment in dealing with them is more effective than doing nothing.  Ignoring these social challenges only exacerbates and further entrenches disadvantage resulting in higher costs in tertiary systems. 

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Levelling the Playing Field: State Budget Submission 2016 - 2017

State Budget Submission: 2016- 2017

2016-17 State Budget Submission

01 Feb 2016 | 3 mb.