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Key findings

Key results

  • 62% of respondents have cut down on basic necessities
  • 55% of respondents have delayed payment of utility bills
  • 42% of respondents are in private rental and 28% have been unable to make rent payments on time
  • 55% of respondents can’t afford presents for families.

Of the 2,640 children represented in ESIS 2014:

  • 75% were doing without essential items due to their parent’s economic status
  • 56% of respondents could not afford out of school activities for their children and 42% could not afford school books, equipment or new school clothes for their children.

The sub-group of respondents on Newstart Allowance, who reported having a disability or health problem, and their children, were experiencing significantly higher levels of deprivation compared to Disability Support Pension recipients.

Groups highlighted

The ESIS reports give voice to those most disadvantaged and disenfranchised within our communities, and advocates strongly for a more just and equitable approach to addressing the needs and disadvantage experienced by many. ESIS 2014 particularly highlights the situations and experiences of a number of specific groups:

  • Individuals and families in receipt of the Newstart Allowance and Disability Support Pension
  • Individuals and families in receipt of Disability Support Pension 
  • Individuals in receipt of the Newstart Allowance who have a disability or health problem,
  • Single parents, and 
  • Asylum seekers and refugees.