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Children and essential items

What children are doing without

From 1,236 respondents with children, 1,076 filled in the children deprivation scale, with 160 respondents opted to skip the question (13%) (1)

In a significant proportion of the household, parent’s limited economic resources have impacted their children’s involvement in social, recreational and educational activities. As observed in Chart 14, the number of children excluded from these essential items was slightly higher than last year’s survey (ESIS 2013). 

Over half of respondents (56%) who filled in children deprivation scale reported that they were unable to afford out of school based activities, with over a third (38%) unable to afford school based activities and outings (Chart 14). 

Nearly half of the respondents (42%) could not afford up to date school books and equipment. A third of respondents (34%) could not afford annual dental check-ups for their children.

Children miss out on essential items

Chart 14 Essentials of life - what children are going without

1. Non-response rate has been excluded from the calculations, but its size (13%) suggests a need for caution when using this information.