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Income support recipients

"I hate not having a job. Centrelink is not enough to support my financial needs and bills. I apply for job after job and can't get a start anywhere." - Respondent comment 

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Income support

In total, 91 per cent (2,253) of respondents were in receipt of a Centrelink payment (1), with over a third (36%) in receipt of the Newstart Allowance. Twenty-eight per cent were in receipt of a Disability Support Pension and 20 per cent received the Parenting Payment (single rate) (Chart 9).Compared to ESIS 2013 (2), this year’s survey results saw an increase in the number of respondents on Newstart Allowance and a decrease of Disability Support Pension (DSP) recipients.

Chart 9 Income Support

1. Centrelink payments ‘other’ includes: Service Pensions (Veteran’s Affairs), Partner Allowance, Widow Pension, Wife Pension, Sickness Allowance.  
2. Last year, there were 2,448 respondents (91%) who received income support payment, which is of similar proportion to the ESIS 2014.