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International Focus

The Salvation Army operates in 126 countries

After being founded in 1865 in London,The Salvation Army today operates in 126 countries.

One of our biggest strengths is that we have such a wide-ranging network and presence in so many communities around the world. In these 126 places, The Salvation Army works to the same mission, which is to meet human need without discrimination.

In 2013/14 The Salvation Army worldwide has:

  • provided general relief to 15,581,825 people;
  • operated more than 1,000 thrift shops to give back to communities;
  • assisted 360,902 young people through community youth programmes;
  • reunited 3,683 people with their families through Family Tracing services;
  • helped 546,511 people through night patrol and anti-suicide programmes;
  • visited 230,113 prisoners;
  • provided counselling to 540,424 people; and
  • assisted 1,035,396 people with disaster rehabilitation schemes.