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This year more than 9,500 volunteers across Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory contributed over 1.5 million hours of service to make a difference in the lives of others and extend the reach of the organisation far beyond existing resources.

Volunteers are considered part of The Salvation Army community and are loved, valued and respected.

The generosity of our volunteers encourages not only our officers and employees but also affirms to our clients they are valued. It takes an army of people to effect positive change in the community and our volunteers add their hands and hearts to make this change possible.

The interest of so many in the community and the corporate sector to support the work of The
Salvation Army demonstrates the concern Australians have for disadvantaged and marginalised people.

Volunteers are often at the front line and contribute in many ways, including:

  • collecting at intersections and shopping centres and knocking on doors during the Red Shield Neighbourhood Appeal;
  • serving meals and refreshments to emergency personnel during disasters;
  • providing expertise at advisory board level;
  • providing direct or indirect client support at our community centres; and
  • serving at our Salvos Stores or thrift shops.

The Salvation Army relies on its army of volunteers to deliver vital services to people in need.
Thank God for our army of volunteers!

Image Right: Hannah Pho receives a volunteer service award from the Hon. Bruce Atkinson MLC, President for the Legislative Council of Victoria. Hannah, 21 years old, volunteers at Box Hill Salvation Army in programmes that assist young people. This year she also held an ethical fashion market to raise money for the Box Hill Salvation Army’s Emergency Relief centre, which assists people in the community with material aid and financial counselling.

Hannah Pho receives a volunteer service award from the Hon. Bruce Atkinson MLC, President for the Legislative Council of Victoria.

Meet Some of our Volunteers

Anita D’souza - Salvation Army VolunteerClim Pacheco
Clim assists the Volunteer Resources Team to develop The Salvation Army’s volunteer strategy and role profiles for future volunteers. He also assists with mentoring the team.

“The Salvation Army was foremost in my mind when I thought of volunteering my time as the work they do locally and globally is highly commendable,” says Clim.

“I had decided to look for a balanced work/life style and blend my corporate consulting work with volunteering. Volunteering means I can engage with the ‘workforce’ at The Salvation Army, there isn’t much social engagement in corporate consulting.”

Anita D’souza - Salvation Army VolunteerAnita D’souza
Nine years ago, Anita and her husband moved from India to Adelaide with hopes of making a better life for themselves.

“But we were paying lots of money to stay with people and my husband didn’t find a job for a long time, so we couldn’t even afford the simplest things like tea bags to make a cup of tea,” says Anita.

Eventually she heard about her local Salvation Army community support centre. “I walked in and I felt so ashamed to be asking for things. I just stood in the corner and cried,” she says.

Heather, the manager of the centre at the time, introduced herself to Anita. “Heather said I could
take tea, sugar and biscuits…and that was the start of our friendship.”

“When we finally found a place to rent, Heather noticed we didn’t have much and came the next day
with mattresses, bed sheets and towels—I couldn’t believe someone would do that.”

Anita now volunteers at the centre assisting clients with food parcels and sorting fruit and
vegetable donations. “I’m now able to give back. I’ve walked that journey too so I understand
the pain people are going through,” she says.