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Balga Salvation Army Child Health Centre, Western Australia

The Balga Salvation Army Child Health Centre opened in March this year as an addition to the
services already provided at the Balga Early Learning Centre. The Salvation Army is the first
non-government agency to partner with the Western Australia Health Department to provide this kind
of service.

Families accessing the Early Learning Centre can now use the health centre for their children’s
health checks during their early years, ensuring all children have access to high quality health
support that is crucial for meeting developmental norms.

The service also offers parent groups, playgroups and drop-in sessions where parents can come for
coffee and a chat. It caters to marginalised and disadvantaged families suffering from issues connected with low socio- economic status. The environment is welcoming and the staff work hard to create a centre that parents are happy to repeatedly visit.

Jo Ineson, Director of the Early Learning Centre, says, “We believe each child should have every
opportunity to reach their full potential. This extra health service will deliver high quality and
effective community support to vulnerable people. The service is easy to access, safe and proven to
support holistic development in children. ”

Those using the health centre also have access to the range of services at Balga Salvation Army,
such as financial counselling, emergency relief, Bible studies, music programmes, choir groups, a
coffee shop and holiday clubs.

Below, Jo Ineson shares about the holistic support offered at the health centre and the difference her
faith makes to her work.

“My faith is my motivation for doing what I do. It allows us to work differently and to go further in our relationships with the families. We provide hope, dignity, respect and compassion to all the people who come into our centre, but above all we are motivated to demonstrate the love of Jesus in all our interactions so lives can be transformed.”

The Salvation Army Balga Child Health Care Centre
Left to right: Jackie Abrahams (Child Health Nurse), Jo Ineson (Early Learning Centre and Health Centre Director), Curtis and Jenna Deans.