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Who we are

Introduction to The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the world’s largest Christian social welfare organisations. In Australia, The Salvation Army operates in two separate territories – the Australia Southern Territory and the Australia Eastern Territory. This enables us to be responsive to local needs, emergencies and disasters affecting all areas of our nation.

Through the provision of more than 600 social programmes,activities and centres, The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of people living in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

By providing assistance for people affected by homelessness, crisis, family/domestic violence, emergencies and natural disasters, as well as drug, alcohol and gambling addictions and a range of other issues, we seek to be there for people during their time of need.

The Territorial Commander, Commissioner Floyd Tidd, is responsible for the operations of The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory. The Territorial Commander, the leadership executive and the Cabinet are responsible for the policy, strategy and stewardship of The Salvation Army in this Territory. The Territorial Commander reports to the General of The Salvation Army at International Headquarters, General André Cox.

The Salvation Army operates in 125 countries, with International Headquarters located in London. The General oversees the operation of The Salvation Army across the globe, and directs the International (Zonal) Secretaries responsible for the administrative and strategic function of the region (broken up into Africa, Europe, Americas, South Asia and East Asia).

International Headquarters is responsible for crafting the strategic direction, ideas and policies, as well as helping to allocate resources.  Across the world, The Salvation Army provides a variety of services, programmes and everyday care to the poorest, most desperate people in the world.