School Tours - VIC and WA
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School Tours - VIC and WA

The Salvation Army believes that educating the younger generation about the realities of homelessness and poverty is vital in order to create generational and social change.

The schools programme – currently operating in Western Australia and Victoria – involves city tours for school students, in-school presentations and volunteering opportunities. During the city tours, students are presented with real life stories of homelessness, addiction and poverty. Students are also empowered with the tools and information to make a difference in their own circles of influence.

In Melbourne, students are taken on a walking tour of the city to gain an insight into the realities of people sleeping rough each night.

Salvos school tours


In 2013 the Victorian Salvos Schools team:

  • Engaged with 3,135 students;
  • Involved 67 schools through a combination of city tours, in-school presentations and volunteering opportunities;
  • Conducted 90 city tours;
  • Engaged 2,638 students from 75 schools to take part in the Salvos School Challenge which sees students fundraising for the Red Shield Appeal;
  • Partnered with Australian band What About Tonight as Salvos School ambassadors; and
  • Increased social media activity to connect with school students.