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Warcry My Story: Into the unknown

Warcry My Story: Into the unknownOne man's* incredible journey across the world to a new life and faith.

I was born in Iran, as part of a Shiah family, very conservative and religious. A normal day for us would start really early morning with a Muslim prayer. 

In the early '70s, revolution started in Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini became the head of the country and, soon after, we entered into a bloody war with Iraq that lasted for a couple of years.

Meanwhile, we Iranians started to realise that Khomeini was not the type of leader he promised to be. Very soon disappointment and discontentment started to build up and young people like me were encouraged to join different groups of militants against his regime. By the end of 1977 I had joined Mujahideen and actively took part in the fight.

In 1980, our house was bombed, which led to my mother's sudden death from a heart attack.

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* Identity withheld