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Warcry My Story: A living history

Arda Aghazarian shares her story Arda Aghazarian advocates for peace and justice.

Arda Aghazarian was born and raised in Jerusalem. As an Armenian Palestinian, she refers to her heritage as 'double trouble', growing up as she did listening to her grandmother tell of the more than 1.5 million Armenians killed in the genocide of 1915. 

On the other hand, the concept of being a Palestinian Christian seems to get strange looks from people—but 'Jesus Christ…Bethlehem…' she would remind them, 'does that ring a bell? Surely there must be some remnants of that faith still in Palestine.'

'We often find people coming on a spiritual journey to the Holy Land, but they seldom meet with Palestinians, which would give these Christians hope and a feeling of solidarity,' she says.

'While people from Western countries look at the Middle East and acknowledge that it's in a terrible situation, they also say, "Please doesn't come as refugees to our country".

This subtle turning of the back and apathy by the world affects the entire region, which in turn also affects how we look at the world today.'

When asked how she can be so upbeat and positive, Arda says that despite all the frustration, she chooses not to be bitter. 

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