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Warcry: Small steps, big impact

Lyndon Gray tells his story to WarcryLyndon Gray knew that life was going to change when god spoke to him.

I should start by saying that I had a really good childhood, was born into a good Christian family and attended church every Sunday—probably from the day I was born. In fact, I don’t even have any spectacular story about how I came to know Jesus personally.

But sometime, somehow, during my upbringing I simply stopped attending church and believing in God because my parents did, and started believing and attending because I wanted to.

In fact, for a while, as a teenager I actually resented that because I would hear spectacular conversion stories of people who had some terrible backgrounds and how Jesus had come into their lives and turned them around, and for a while there, I wandered why I couldn’t have one of these great stories of conversion to tell.

Then one day my grandfather sat me down and told me that God had given him a vision for my life. He told me that I was going to be the one that changed peoples’ lives. I was going to be the one who God would use to bring people to understand the God’s message. Was I overwhelmed? Not at all. Instead I told him that he was wrong.

I told him that I had a plan and it involved money and houses and promotions and probably politics. I always wanted to be prime minister. And he just smiled and said, ‘We’ll see.’

Six years later, in the middle of my great plans God spoke to me and said, ‘Are you happy?’ I had recently married, had a beautiful wife and three sons; I was finishing university and had a good career as a teacher ahead of me; drove a nice new car; and was building our first house on Phillip Island (Vic.). Life was well and truly on track.

But God spoke to me. And I knew that my life was about to change.

Over the next 30 years I found myself living in every state in Australia except Queensland (and there is still time for that); I have had too many jobs to count and have changed careers no less than four times. I have taught in Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory; I have managed the Northern Tasmanian AIDS Council; I have been a minister of numerous churches in Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory; been CEO of a number of Aboriginal Corporations in Northern Territory and New South Wales; and now manage a homelessness service in South Australia. I can hardly wait to see what lies around the corner.

It all sounds quite glamorous when you see it so compacted like this, but looking back it is easy to see God’s hand in all this. We still had our good times and some really dark times, but we never doubted that God knew what he was doing, and where he was taking us. 

My problem has never been having the faith to follow where God wants me to go; my problem was knowing if I was on the right path or whether I was heading off in my own direction.

My grandfather was right. I am changing the world; not as a famous politician; or a great preacher, but one person at a time. It has only been in recent years that I have really begun to appreciate what changing the world one person at a time really means and how the small things we do for people can make such a big impact on their lives.

Look around you at the people that love you; the people that you work with; the people that you influence; and the people that simply pass through your life; and ask yourself, ‘What does God want me to do or say...and see the changes in peoples’ lives for yourself.

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