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Warcry: A simple message

Adrian Hamond tells his story to WarcryAdrian Hamond had hit rock-bottom when a late-night message on television changed his life.

It was 4 am, and I was alone in a cold, dark, empty room. My thoughts and emotions were scattered. I was stoned again and laying on the couch watching late-night TV with a vacant glaze.

I had recently broken up with my girlfriend and had disconnected from my friends and family. I had hit rock-bottom. Then, as I switched channels among the advertorials for blenders and ab machines, I saw a flicker of hope. It was raw and real and caught my attention. Little did I know that what I was about to hear was a message that would radically change my life and send me on an amazing journey.

But let me take you back a bit. After my parents broke up when I was little, we were homeless for several months and lived in a tent until mum found a house for us to live in. Although it was in one of the rougher areas in the western suburbs, life was good for a while and relatively sheltered.

Turning 18, I was interested in partying, going to pubs and clubs all night long and ‘living life’ to the max. I dropped out of uni and started working full-time so that I could fund my ‘party’ lifestyle. 
I began living two lives—one out in the open that most people saw; the other, in the dark behind closed doors. It was tiring living two lives, constantly keeping up appearances and it was this that finally drove a wedge between society and me. I began to hate people and was no longer having fun ‘partying’.

I had embarked on a lifestyle that that was destroying me and an addiction that would consume me on and off over the next 10 years. 

I knew that I needed to change and even tried to quit my bad habits. Over and over again I would try, only to be knocked down again and get seriously discouraged. I think I tried to quit at least a couple of hundred times, but each time I failed.

I wanted help, but thought that no-one, or thing, could help me. This led to a period of depression and a feeling of total emptiness. I would go for a walk at night sometimes and hope to feel anything, even pain. I doubted that it even  really existed.

After listening to every self-help tape I could find, I gave up my addiction for a while. I started studying again and met a young woman and was going to get married. But then that relationship fell apart and left me questioning life again. How did all of this happen to me? Why am I here? What is the point of life? Does God exist? 

And then a simple message during a Christian television program broadcast that night grabbed my attention. It was a message of hope and life-transforming power that, once I believed it in my heart, liberated and freed me. It was a message that gave me the strength to say ‘Never again’ to drugs and that over time healed my mind and relationships.

This message has consumed my life in a new way and sent me on the most amazing journey. I have given up all my old ways to embark on a journey toward becoming a Salvation Army Officer in order to share that very same message. 

The message is that we can all have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe, and that Jesus Christ lived, died and was raised from death for the forgiveness of sin and the empowerment of every believer toward personal, community and worldwide transformation.

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