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Transition to Independence, VIC

Transition to Independence is a residential housing program for young people aged 16–25, disadvantaged or at risk of homelessness for a number of reasons, like family breakdown.

Over two years, young people are given the opportunity to attend school while living in a supported environment free from the pressures that so often lead to homelessness, and utilising a range of life skills programs that are available. 

A family reconciliation worker at the centre assists young people to resolve conflicts and re-establish relationships with their families. 

Each week, young people participate in group and individual sessions that cover a range of independent living skills, like budgeting and cooking. On Wednesdays a guest speaker talks about the work they do in the community — in the past this has been a CFA representative, a tradesperson and a gardener. 

Friday night is recreation night with the residents taking turns to run the program. Parents and friends are welcome too.