Rockingham Community Lunch | WA | On The Street
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Rockingham Community Lunch, WA

Rockingham has a high number of homeless people, especially rough sleepers. Many live in cars or tents along the nearby foreshore. 

Each Tuesday up to 100 locals gather at the Rockingham Salvos for a community lunch. Run by volunteers, its aim is to engage with people living on the fringes of the community. 

Rockingham Lunch WA

The community lunch is a chance for people to talk with volunteers or Salvos counsellors, and they have access to the on-site laundry or a free hot shower. Should they require further assistance, we’re able to link people to other programs in the city of Perth, like our homelessness or drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres. 

Freed from a life of homelessness, 60-year-old Owen Farmer  is one of the volunteers at Rockingham Salvos. At any opportunity he advocates for Rockingham’s homeless to the local council and the media. “These brothers out on the street need love. Everyone’s only a few pay cheques away from it if they lost their job, you know.” Owen also runs a barbecue each month for the homeless.