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Winter 2016


Less than $17 a day to live on. Can you imagine that? Maybe for some of you it’s not hard to imagine. But for a lot of us, it would be near impossible to survive day to day. That’s the reality for many people who come to us for assistance, according to a survey we conducted earlier this year of more than 1,600 people in our emergency relief centres. 

The survey showed us that many of our clients suffer extreme housing stress — spending more than two-thirds of their income on housing, which means there is hardly anything left for other expenses.More than ever, housing prices are causing people to live on a knife edge. Often it’s a visit to the Salvos for an emergency food voucher or a financial counselling session that helps them to keep paying the rent and stay housed.

Paul Hateley

The sad reality is more than 105,000 people in Australia don’t have a place to call home.
Homelessness remains one of the biggest social problems in our country today. Your ongoing support is helping us to tackle homelessness and break its vicious cycle — both for people experiencing homelessness, but also for those who might be one step away from it.

People like Jordan, who found himself in the situation where it was safer for him to be homeless at age 12 than at home with his mother. We were able to be there for Jordan in his time of crisis and intervene before his life became a lifetime of homelessness. Perhaps you’re wondering what impact your financial support has. I hope this edition of On the Street helps you understand how you make an impact in the lives of real people. 

Recently I visited a long-time donor to thank them for their support. They appreciated the visit butstarted to say, “Look, I know what we give isn’t world changing, but it’s what we can give at the moment.” “With all due respect,” I said, “your gift is world changing, because it’s changing someone’s world.”

Thank you for helping others.
May God bless you,

Major Paul Hateley 
Territorial Public Relations Secretary