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It was just an accident...

It was just a normal night. I was going upstairs to bed. I remember saying goodnight to the kids. Then next thing I know I woke up in the hospital. I’d been in a coma for a few weeks. I’d fallen down the stairs.

Teaching kids about 000 … it pays off. Apparently I was gurgling. I smashed my head on ceramic tiles too.

It was just an accident but it’s changed my life forever.

I’d been working before the accident. I was a traffic controller, so I was earning good money. You know those people who stop you on the road with signs? I was one of them full-time. I travelled all over for work.

Jenny's Story

"It was just an accident...but it's changed my life forever"

I’ve got brain damage from the fall. In the frontal lobe which is memory … and I forget what else.

I couldn’t remember anything. Everything was muddled. I’d get to the shops and think what did I come here for?

I had double vision after the accident so I had to get a taxi just to go to the shops to get milk and bread.

I was still paying rego on the car even though I couldn’t drive it because of my eyes. And I went through all my money paying rent, supporting the kids, Nikki and Lachlan, and myself pretty quickly.

It wasn’t long before I received a 120 day notice. I’d started to get behind in rent.

All the time on my mind was knowing that I was getting kicked out of my house. I was worrying about how I was going to get another rental with a black mark against my name. And then there was, where do I put all my stuff? It costs to store things.

The depression kicked in after that.

I’d always been an outgoing and confident person before the accident. But now I was constantly asking for help. I hated it. I was always stuck at home. I never used to be at home, I like to be busy. I used to be independent. I just couldn’t see a way out. I knew I was going to end up homeless with my kids and that feeling was horrible.

We stayed at a motel for a week. It was just a small room. The whole time Nikki and I would argue. There was nowhere to cook so I was spending extra money. I remember getting the call from the Salvos crisis accommodation on a Friday night. I cried when they rang.

When they opened the door to my new place I stood there and cried again. I just couldn’t believe this place was mine to stay in for a while — it’s beautiful. I thought we were going to end up sleeping in the car.

All the workers here are just unbelievable. I can talk to all of them. I don’t feel judged at all by any of them.

I meet up with Kath my case worker regularly. Kath has given us a couple of vouchers to buy clothes and food too. With food she went with me and showed me how to get value out of my shopping.

Since I’ve been here my depression has just gone.

I’m safe, I’m secure. More so my kids are safe and secure. For me, I’ve been able to sit back here and just accept the changes in my life. I’m able to breathe again. I was in a deep dark black hole. I thought Nikki was better off without me. When my friends come here, and they see me now, they know how low I was, and can see how I’m back up.

Your donation is helping families that are homeless, getting them back on their feet. You’ve given me my life back. You’ve saved my life, you really have.

Jenny Thank You