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Eva Burrows

Eva Burrows AC is only the second Australian to be elected as "General" (from 1986 to 1993), the worldwide leader of The Salvation Army. She is also the second woman to serve in this role, after the Founder’s daughter Evangeline Booth (who served as General from 1934 to 1939).

Born in 1929, Burrows was also the youngest person ever elected to the office of General.

A keen student, she earned her BA at Queensland University and was commissioned an officer in London in 1950. While completing post-graduate studies at London University, Burrows served in corps (church) work. She also served variously in pastoral, missionary, training and administrative roles in her native Australia, the United Kingdom, Africa and Sri Lanka.

Burrows was elected General on 9 January 1986 on the fourth ballot. She assumed command on 2 May. Her policy achievements included the return of The Salvation Army to communist countries which had previously banned its ministry, the re-structuring and separation of the International Headquarters and the United Kingdom Territory, and a strong stance against apartheid in South Africa as "a philosophy of life that is contrary to the teachings of Christ". General Burrows was known as the "people's General".

By postal ballot, The Salvation Army's High Council - with an almost unanimous vote -chose to extend the General's term an additional two years, to bring to fruition substantive initiatives. The General served in that capacity until her retirement in 1993 and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

The General’s warmth, wit and passion while in office and in her retirement are well-matched with an astonishing memory for names and an ability to communicate with people from all ages and backgrounds. Sometimes referred to asThe Salvation Army’s "Global Parent" while in office, the General was a strong influence for renewal in The Salvation Army in Australia and throughout the world.

Eva Burrows died (or in Army terminology was 'Promoted to Glory') on the 20th of March 2015.

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