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International: TSA Greece Offers Assistance to Refugees

The Salvation Army is providing a compassionate ministry to some of the thousands of refugees who have fled to Greece from north Africa and the Middle East. Up to 1,500 people are arriving every week at the Port of Pireas, Athens, with many setting up unoffical camps in the centre of Athens.

Major Polis Pantelidis, from Athens Corps (church), has been supplying food parcels to people living rough in the parks, although this has proved difficult because the need is so great and he cannot take enough food for everyone.

Plans are in place to put together food parcels for people arriving at Pireas, to help them cope with the system of processing and registration that can take many hours. The provision of bread, food and drink will also offer opportunities for conversations and, the Salvation Army team members hope, will take away some of the fear for people who have fled atrocities and now find themselves in a strange country with little or no support.

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