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Celebrating 150 years of The Salvation Army

This July The Salvation Army celebrates 150 years of helping people in need around the world.

Salvation Army members from all around the world will celebrate this event from 1 – 5 July at a conference back where it all started – London, England.

Founded by William and Catherine Booth, The Salvation Army began in East London on July 2 1865 to bring hope, care and salvation to the poor, the homeless, the hungry, and the destitute in London’s East End.

150 years later, The Salvation Army remains just as dedicated to meeting human needs without discrimination – but now in 126 countries worldwide.

The Salvation Army in Australia was born in a uniquely Aussie form. It was in the open air under a gum tree in a park when Edward Saunders and John Gore (a tradie and a railway worker) offered meals on the back of a cart in Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens in 1880. “If there’s a man who hasn’t had a square meal today, let him come to tea with me,” they said.

Today, 135 years later, The Salvation Army in Australia operates over 1,000 social programs and services across the country. We assist more than one million Australians in need each year – that’s one person every 30 seconds.

You’ll find us in the small country towns and in the big cities. We understand life’s experiences can leave people in need of a helping hand or long-term assistance and we seek to empower people to get back on their feet and live life to the fullest.

In Australia we work across a diverse range of social issues. Our key areas of service include homelessness, family and domestic violence, addiction and recovery, youth services and support and material aid to individuals and families in crisis. 

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