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Royal Commission commences second hearing into The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has today commenced its second public hearing into The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory in Sydney.

It is anticipated that this hearing will bring to light abuse that was perpetuated against children in our care in the past. The Salvation Army feels deep regret for each and every instance of child sexual abuse suffered by the children who were in our care. We are grieved that such things happened and we acknowledge that it was a failure of the greatest magnitude. 

Representatives of The Salvation Army will appear before The Royal Commission to once again answer questions about The Salvation Army’s processes of responding to allegations of sexual abuse in the children’s homes and the on-going process of assisting care leavers with compassion, counselling and compensation.

We continue to improve our processes in this regard so that children will never be placed in situations like this again. We welcome the recommendations from The Royal Commission on how we can further protect children and vulnerable people in our care. 

It is anticipated that the Royal Commission will turn its attention to children’s homes operated by The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory in due course. 

Anyone who would like to report instances of abuse is encouraged to contact our Professional Standards Office on (03) 8878 2458 or by email at professionalstandards@aus.salvationarmy.org

More information about the responses of The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory to The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse can be found at salvos.org.au/royalcommission

For further information or media comment please contact:
Dr Bruce Redman – Territorial Media Relations Director The Salvation Army – Australia Southern Territory (Vic., SA, Tas., WA & NT)
Tel: 03 8878 2448 Mob: 0417 537 950 Email: bruce.redman@aus.salvationarmy.org

Royal Commission: An open letter to Salvationists, employees, volunteers and the Australian public

Commissioner Floyd TiddYou may be aware that The Salvation Army Australia recently appeared before The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The hearing focused on four children’s homes in NSW and QLD that ceased to operate over 35 years ago.

The Royal Commission will also be looking at similar homes run by a range of other religious and state-based institutions. The Salvation Army Australia will need to appear again before the Royal Commission at some time in the future, and we will continue to cooperate fully with it.

There are likely to be more stories from the past to be told. The evidence already heard from victims of abuse at these homes is horrific, shocking, and deeply shameful. Media coverage has been understandably damning of The Salvation Army officers, employees and volunteers involved as well as the systems and structures that allowed them to prey on children so deviously and deceptively.

The Salvation Army is ashamed that we allowed this to happen. It was a breach of the trust placed in us. We are deeply sorry. In 2004 The Salvation Army Australia first publicly apologised for the sexual and physical abuse suffered by children in some of our children’s homes. Since then, we have continued to express our unreserved apologies, regret and shame.

This has been a time for The Salvation Army, along with the Royal Commission, to listen to victims, respect their courage in coming forward, and to try to understand the devastation that has been inflicted on their lives.

We have been at all times transparently honest with the Commission, and we intend to remain transparent with the general public. That is why we are sending this letter to you. We want to reassure you that we take our duty of care for vulnerable Australians seriously. I want to assure you, as the leader of The Salvation Army in the Australia Southern Territory, that nothing is more important to me than this.

The Salvation Army has done everything possible to ensure that this terrible chapter of our history can never be repeated. The Salvation Army has strong policies in place to protect children and vulnerable people. We have put in place a range of checks and balances where interactions between Salvation Army personnel and children are concerned, such as requiring every employee and officer who works with children to have police checks and a Working with Children clearance.

Our hope is that the process of the Royal Commission will bring healing for those who suffered while in our care and that we will act justly and compassionately towards them, being fair to all.

To discuss any of this further please contact us at salvosaus@aus.salvationarmy.org

For more information about The Salvation Army’s cooperation with the Royal Commission, please visit the website: http://salvos.org.au/royalcommission

Today, through over 1,000 social programmes across Australia, The Salvation Army remains committed to fulfilling its mission to help Australians in crisis and meet human need without discrimination.

Yours sincerely

Floyd Tidd (Commissioner)
Territorial Commander
The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory