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Linsell Lodge South Australia celebrates its 5th anniversary and gains 15 additional bed licenses


Linsell Lodge Aged Care in Angle Park South Australia celebrated its 5th anniversary and gained 15 additional bed licenses on 8th July 2013.

South Australia Social Programme Secretary Major Rhonda Elkington said the success with a bid for 15 additional bed licenses funded by the federal department of health and ageing was ‘very timely news’ given the celebration of its 5th anniversary.

The additional licenses take Linsell Lodge from an 80 bed facility to one that can cater for 95 disadvantaged residents with limited financial means.

Lynn Norwood is the Director of Care at Linsell Lodge and says that the extra bed licenses will make a   valuable contribution to the Army’s mission to take people who are disadvantaged. “We already have a long waiting list of people hoping to gain a bed,” she said.

Linsell Lodge provides 24 hour full care, works with people with incredibly complex medical needs and runs lifestyle programs for the broad section of people they care for.

 “We have people here in their mid-40s and a couple of people that are over 100,” said Ms Norwood. 
“We are also quite well known in the community for our care of Vietnamese people given the socio economic area we’re in,” she said.   

Ms Norwood said that residents really feel at home at Linsell Lodge. Just a few days ago one of the residents passed away and the family organised for the coffin to leave from the Lodge and for the afternoon tea to be held at the Lodge after the funeral. “They said that this was her home so that’s why they did it that way.”

The lodge is home to many married couples as well. “We even have one couple who met here and fell in love – it’s a really nice story,” said Ms Norwood.

Currently there are 100 Salvation Army workers at Linsell Lodge looking after the high-care residents and they excitedly anticipate the next five years and how the additional beds will help them to care for people in the South Australian community. 

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