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Become A Sponsor

Child sponsorship is about returning smiles to humanity’s most vulnerable, and strengthening families and communities against future challenges.


Building brighter futures

In more than 30 developing countries, we’re helping more than 2,500 children and 80 centres develop the skills and services required to thrive. Food, water, shelter and medical aid are the first considerations in times of emergency or disaster. But child sponsorship continues to give long after the news crews leave town. Your ongoing contribution enables individuals and communities to build towards the next phase of their lives. 

You can make a difference, one life at a time.

Happy kids, healthy communities

Sponsor a centre, and 90 cents from every dollar donated is put towards vital services and programs. 

Sponsor one of our centres and you bring smiles to entire communities. Your contribution is pooled with others and directed to programs that benefit groups of children.


Plans for the future

From long-term environmental difficulties like drought, to temporary crises like natural disasters, the needs of children and communities vary greatly. Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal for every family and community, and we’re helping people work towards achieving it.

Ongoing sponsorship allows us to plan for whatever emergencies may come, design solutions to meet the specific needs of people and create opportunities for children to break out of poverty cycles. From here, skills develop. And empowered individuals can give back, benefitting their communities into the future.

You have the power to put smiles back on children’s faces and change the world.

Sign up, check your account online or call the Child Sponsorship team on 03 8878 4543.


A special journey

John sponsors no fewer than five Ugandan children, and recently made a very special trip through the length and breadth of their country in order to drop by and meet them in person. “The intensity of your relationship with your sponsored child goes to another level when you actually meet them and experience their living environment firsthand,” he says.

While there he experienced some spectacular countryside, including the source of the Nile River at Lake Victoria, and mountain gorillas in their only natural habitat on Earth. His experience of Uganda was that of a very peaceful nation, populated by happy and industrious people, with dreams just like us. Most importantly, he finally got to meet his sponsored children Kefa, Betty, Agnes, Chris and Julius, and see the difference he was making to them and their communities. “They are no longer just a photo on my desk, but are now real and living, and I can see their surrounds as if I am still there,” he says.

You too can make a difference. 


Sign up, check your account online or call the Child Sponsorship team on 03 8878 4543.