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Children's books available

When Daddy Hits the Table and When Mummy Shouts are two books written as a pair specifically for the Safe from the Start project, to address that both fathers and mothers can sometimes get angry which can scare a young child. The aim is to engage with the child and provide an opportunity for them to express their feelings, to ask questions or talk about what they have seen or heard. 

The books are also useful for children who are not living in violent homes, to enable them to understand that sometimes other people they know can be abusive or angry such as a teacher, sports coach or relative.  This enables a child to understand why they may feel scared and start a discussion about different behaviours including bullying or how to deal with anger.

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The Little Jack the Wallaby book takes the reader on an illustrated journey of bright indigenous colours and a story of his friend Jimmy who is feeling frightened and scared when he hears his father shouting at his mum.  This children’s book was written specifically for the Safe from the Start project to provide both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children a story book about feeling safe and having friends to talk to and stay with.  The Author and Illustrator are both Tasmanian Aboriginal women.

The illustrations using the aboriginal colours for the moon, rock carvings, pyjama jackets and blankets enables children to ask questions about the Aboriginal meaning of the illustrations. 

The story provides opportunities for the child to express their feelings if there is shouting in their home and that friends and family can listen and help them to be safe.

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