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What we offer

  • Worship Service

    A vibrant worship experience for the whole family, celebrating God through scripture, song and sermon.

    Sunday 9:30am

  • Men's Ministry

    Men’s ministry is a place where men can share time together as well as being challenged and inspired by speakers from various walks of life.

  • Women's Ministry

    Come and enjoy friendship and laughter with other women. Make new friends and be encouraged by the support of others.

  • Top End Salvo Youth

    Activities, outings and a focus on building strong Christian relationships for 15-25s.

  • Children

    We have a diverse range of programs for children starting from birth to young adults to make a positive and lasting impact on children’s spiritual journeys.

  • Bible Study

    Small groups meet each week or fortnight to study the Bible, to share in friendship and to discuss matters of mutual importance.

  • Prison Visitor Transport Salvo Shuttle

    We offer transport for visitors to the prison on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a $3-$5 donation.

    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

  • Emergency Relief - Doorways

    The Community Service Centre provides emergency relief in the form of food parcels and vouchers as a way of assisting people who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Supported accommodation - TIPTE & Headlease

    TIPTE and Headlease provides supported accommodation and case management for families.

  • Kidzone

    Fun and engaging activities for children after the Worship Service on Sundays