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History & heritage

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Do you have items that should be preserved?

If you have information or mementos that record how your family was involved with The Salvation Army, please consider how they can be preserved by donating or bequesting them to the Heritage Centre.

Almost any item is welcome, including:

  • Journals, letters, programs, magazines or newspaper clippings which include mention of The Salvation Army
  • Photos which show Salvation Army personnel or services
  • Salvation Army pins, badges, or uniforms
  • Please contact us to discuss how your important family information can be preserved. 

We would be pleased to have you visit the Heritage Centre to see how these treasured items are stored and displayed for future generations to appreciate the work of The Salvation Army.

Research Enquiries

Please make an appointment to visit us for research. Charges apply for copying, printing, transcripts and photographs. Phone: 03 9653 3270

Contact us

The Salvation Army Heritage Centre
Australia Southern Territory

Mailing Address:
PO Box 18185 Collin St East, Melbourne 8003

Street Address:
69 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Opening Hours:
9.30 - 3.30 pm Monday to Friday
First Saturday of each month by appointment.

Phone: (03) 9653 3270


Please note

Client, Care-leaver, Personnel and Institutional Records are not held at the Heritage Centre.

Please contact the Social Programme Department at Territorial Headquarters 03 8878 4500