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Thank you for your interest in our volunteers' service program

Here we hope to answer some questions that you may have about volunteering with The Salvation Army.

There are three ways you can volunteer: 

Why Volunteer?

It is estimated that one in four people in Australia do some kind of volunteer work. That is, they choose by their own free will to work without payment for the benefit of the community. It was volunteers who began the welfare, health, education, emergency, social justice, animal welfare, cultural and recreational services which we take for granted today.

Since its beginnings, The Salvation Army has been a means through which many volunteers can be involved in community work. Volunteering with the Salvos will make you a partner with us in our community service programs, which last year assisted more than one million Australians. With your help, we will continue to be there for those in crisis. 

If you want to help others in your community then why not volunteer some of your time to aid The Salvation Army as we endeavour to help those experiencing disadvantage?

What does it do for you?

In helping The Salvation Army in their important work you will be:

  • Contributing to the community which brings a sense of worth to you and to those you are helping.
  • Developing personal skills.
  • Gaining work experience, giving you the opportunity to receive a reference which will assist you in job applications.
  • Making new friends.
  • Having fun.

What does it do for us?

In helping The Salvation Army you allow us to:

  • Involve more people in the provision of services, ensuring that those services are responsive to community needs.
  • Help more people in the community by involving volunteers in tasks which may be impossible or impractical for paid staff.
  • Increase public awareness of The Salvation Army, its services and its needs for community support.
  • Ensure a more cost effective service, making best use of funds available.
  • Gain from your enthusiasm, ideas, skills and new perspectives.


What can you do?

Examples of existing volunteer positions include:

  • typing
  • clerical
  • mailroom team
  • research
  • shop attendant
  • gardening
  • playing music
  • bus driving
  • emergency services:
  • lunchtime or evening meal centres
  • coffee vans

Contact Details

Northern Territory
Jannette Philp
The Salvation Army
Volunteer Enquiries
PO Box 189
Darwin NT 0801
Tel: (08) 8944 6000

South Australia
Major Wendy Simpkin
The Salvation Army
Volunteer Coordinator
PO Box 300
Fullarton SA 5063
Tel: (08) 8408 6982

Lisa Taton
The Salvation Army
Volunteer Enquiries
PO Box 50
New Town TAS 7008
Tel: (03) 6228 8425

Volunteer Resources Team
The Salvation Army
PO Box 479
Blackburn VIC 3130
Tel: (03) 8878 2467

Western Australia
Katrina Perera
The Salvation Army
Volunteer Coordinator
PO Box 8498
Perth Business Centre, WA, 6849
Tel: (08) 9260 9509

Please note: Unfortunately in Victoria we are unable to respond to each enquiry individually due to the sheer volume of interest. 
We would encourage you to register as a volunteer on this page and we will get back to you should a suitable opportunity become available. 
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